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The Auburn Education Foundation Mission

Auburn Education Foundation, Auburn NY

As a non-profit organization in Auburn, NY, our mission at the Auburn Education Foundation is to support an enriched learning environment for Auburn Enlarged City School District students through collaborations, gifts, scholarships, and grants.

We award Educator Grants and manage the Alumni Hall of Distinction. Our team strives to do everything we can to make education accessible to students of all ages throughout the Auburn community.

Meaningful Partnerships Inspire Creative & Effective Programs

At Auburn Education Foundation, we are proud to have meaningful partnerships with schools, local businesses, and service organizations. Auburn Enlarged City School District educators have creative and innovative ideas for capturing the attention and imagination of our students.

With our partnerships, we support their efforts by awarding grants that help create enriching learning opportunities for students throughout the community. As another way to support our education community, we award scholarships to students to further their academic pursuits.

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