About Us

In 2003 a diverse group of citizens came together to brainstorm ways to elevate the educational experiences of students in the Auburn public schools from average to extraordinary. As a result, the Auburn Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public foundation, was formed.

Our mission supports an enriched learning environment for students of the Auburn Enlarged City School District through collaborations, gifts, and grants. Through a grants process, we award funding to educators who have creative ideas that will capture the attention and imagination of their students. Projects must fall within at least one of the following six areas—Academics, Arts, Life Skills, Character Education, Physical Education & Wellness, and Technology—but outside of the regular school district budget.

We also work to establish meaningful partnerships among our schools, local businesses, and service organizations which will improve our community.

Our 15-member volunteer Board is made of community members and business leaders who are committed to educational excellence. Thank you for your service!

Board Members

      Janie Hutchinson, President

      Denise Pellegrino, Vice-President

      Lisa Carr, Secretary

      Marianne O'Connor, Treasurer

      Bonny Blair

      Tracy Bellerdine

      Jennifer Bruno

      Kathie Collier

      Marybeth Galka

      Miguelina (Mickie) Ceuvas-Post

      Karen Macier

      Ryan Muldoon

      JD Pabis

      Ian Phillips

      Andy Tehan

      Ex-Officio Members

      Jeffrey Pirozzolo

      Lisa Green

 Our Committees  

  • Awards
  • Alumini
  • Resource Development
  • Communications/Outreach
  • Board Development/Nominating
  • Finance/Audit

Alumni, community members, parents and students are invited to join our committees. To learn more about the Auburn Education Foundation or volunteer on a committee please call (315) 255-8827.