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          Auburn High School journalism teacher, Andrea Fusco, was thrilled this school year to find that she had been given a $1000 special grant from the Auburn Education Foundation to purchase equipment for her class. This money was a donation to AEF from Jay Goldman, Auburn High Class of 1974, to be awarded to Ms. Fusco. Three ipad minis were purchased for use by the journalism students. A recent visit to the classroom found the students using the ipads for interviews, pictures, research and for writing articles. As one student said, “We use them for everything!” Ms. Fusco reported that the ipad minis allowed her to bring the class into the 21st century. 

In May, 2015, Jay Goldman was inducted into the Auburn Alumni Hall of distinction. Returning to Auburn from Silver Spring, Maryland brought back fond memories of his days at Auburn High School where his journalistic interests began. This is what sparked Jay’s desire to give back to the high school in the form of a donation to be awarded as a grant to Ms. Fusco.


Jay Goldman’s career in journalism began at the high school when he enrolled in the journalism elective course and joined the staff of The Outlet, the student newspaper. This interest then became a passion that developed into a career. During high school, Jay was hired by the Citizen-Advertiser to cover varsity and junior varsity sporting events. After receiving an M.A. in print journalism from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Jay worked for the Syracuse Herald-Journal for almost 10 years, mostly covering the education beat. He is presently the editor of School Administrator, a monthly magazine covering education issues for school superintendents across the country.

Auburn Education Foundation thanks Jay Goldman for his generous donation that brought such excitement to the journalism class at Auburn High School.



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IMAGINE…students in Auburn High School English classes discussing o Kill a Mockingbird after reading the novel and attending the Syracuse Stage’s production of the play; families in Auburn invited to an evening presentation by a nationally recognized children’s author; an entire elementary school learning about science and nutrition when the school’s courtyard is turned into a regenerative edible garden; students excited about participating in the National Archery in Schools Program with updated archery equipment; and finally, imagine 120 high school biology students boarding the Scandling research vessel on Seneca Lake conducting hands-on experiments working collaboratively to collect and analyze biological, chemical, and physical data.

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